The Workshop Facilitators

Linda DarlowLinda Darlow

Linda has taught Film and Television acting, and has led the Mastery both in Los Angeles and Vancouver for many years.  Before moving to Vancouver, Linda was responsible for running the Actor’s Institute, which produced The Mastery in Los Angeles as well as other classes and workshops for actors.  As an actress, Linda has played roles in over 25 series and sitcoms, 17 TV Movies, 4 Feature Films, and has recurring roles on 4 series.  She feels The Mastery has had a lot to do with her personal and professional success and believes that it is the most powerful workshop she has ever done.

Henry J. MahHenry J. Mah

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Henry has involved himself with the Mastery workshop since 1991.  He started out in stand-up comedy in 1989 and from there moved on to learning the craft of acting, and has been a professional actor since 1996. The work of the Performer’s Mastery has helped him in his creative process as a performer and a screen writer.  He wrote and starred in his own film, “No One Ever Suspects the Chinese Guy” and continues to write scenes and scripts for shorts, episodics and features. He has appeared in several film/TV projects, including the feature film “Scary Movie 4”, and the TV series “Aliens in America”, “Reaper” and “Fringe”.  He currently teaches Linda Darlow’s AuditionCraft 1 three times a year, his Cold Read On Camera Audition Work Out class two nights a week, and offers 1 hour privates and tapings.

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