Q – Can performers of any experience and skill level do the Performer’s Mastery?
Yes. You need not be a professional performer to benefit from doing the weekend. We accept actors, comedians, singers, dancers, and artists of any performing level. We will employ acting exercises in the workshop for you to discover for yourself how to communicate more freely and move past any stuck areas.

Q – What will I get out of doing the Performer’s Mastery?
The main objective is for you to discover those areas where you hold back in your career, communications and in your life, and giving you a safe environment to push past those stopping places. You will experience organic and lasting change as a result of doing the workshop.

Q – I’m an industry professional (director, DOP, producer, agent, writer, story editor, etc.). Can the Performer’s Mastery benefit me?
Yes. The workshop is a place for you to discover where you stop in your communications with others, in your life and in the industry. By doing the Mastery you will find new places to communicate from that are clearer and more powerful. Your word and intention will carry more weight in your interactions.

Q – Is it possible to audit the Mastery first?
Only past participants that have completed the workshop are allowed to audit or observe. This is to ensure that the room is a safe container for participants to fully express themselves.

Q – Why do we perform a monologue in the workshop?
The monologue is one of the tools of an actor that we use to facilitate your discovery in your style of communication and in discovering your individual voice. Choose a piece that has some personal meaning or value for you.

Q – Why do people have a hard time explaining the Mastery?
For past participants the experience is so personal that they are unable to tell you what YOU will get out of it. You have to be there and experience it for yourself.

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