The following testimonials were given freely by people who participated in the Performer’s Mastery Workshop.

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The Instructors, Linda Darlow & Henry J. Mah are supportive, honest & hold you accountable during the whole process. Don't think on this one...jump.

Margot J. Leviton (March 2013) June 17, 2015

Grace Park - Testimonial

I heard from a few people, "the Mastery will change your life!" I gotta say, it did.

Grace Park (April 2004) June 9, 2015

Patrick Gallagher - Testimonial

I had a profound experience at the Mastery. After doing the workshop it felt like the curtain between me and my dreams had been removed.

Patrick Gallagher (June 2003) Glee, Entourage, Men of a Certain Age June 9, 2015

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I was sleep walking through a major issue in my life, and I can see things much clearer now that I am awake in that area.

Sarah Jane Redmond Series Regular Da Vinci’s City Hall, The L Word June 9, 2015

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As a result of doing the work-shop, my goals for my career are clearer.

Adam Harrington Series Leads on Show Me Yours and Whistler June 9, 2015

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The Performer’s Mastery is, in a word, transformational. Of the 20 actors who participated with me in the March 2008 Mastery, none emerged from the experience unchanged by it. It is the most effective program of its kind I’ve ever seen.

Eric Pollins (March 2008) June 6, 2015

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It is an experiential journey where one can become aware of their emotional blocks, voice production, acting performance, breathing technique, physical ability to express one's emotions, to access emotions quickly and genuinely.

Margot J. Leviton (March 2013) June 6, 2015

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I was able to break through a wall that has held me back since I began acting. I cannot overstate that you should take this workshop.

Kirt Purdy (June 2013) June 6, 2015

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